Single & Twins Screw Extruder

Single Screw And Barrel For Extruder Machine

Series of screw from Kaivanya Factory will ensure extruder of its best performance. Finished product quality is the best and energy consumption is the lowest. Base on the conditions of different modern extrusion process and the increasing usage of additives & modifiers, Kaivanya Factory has explored screw and barrels with anticorrosion & wear resistance properties which is applicable to high speed and pressure process.

Main forms of screws are as follows gradual change, abrupt change, wave barrier, distributary, separation, air discharge, pin, blending, head-variation, triple-head etc. These are applicable to the process of different shapes of materials such as powder, pellet, flake and cotton-like materials and applied in the extrusion for sheet, pellet, carbon, food, chemical fiber etc.

Type of screw

  • Barrier Type Screw
  • Separation Type Screw
  • Mixing Screw

The material of alloy surface

Centrifuging casting, plasma transfer (PT) melt-welding and laser coating technologies are applied. Rigid alloy coating materials can be applied to aviation industry. The nanometer tungsten carbide was coated evenly on the surface of screws and barrels via our unique laser-coating way. Tungsten carbide content reaches more than 99%. The coating hardness is HRC70-75 with 1 mm layer. Unique laser-coating technique and strict quality control system can guarantee our product for its long-lasting hardness & life. Cracking and agglutination problems will be controlled to the minimum extent.

Single Screw Extruder And Barrels For Extruder Machine

Conical Twin-Screw and Barrel

Material Alloy Steel

  • 38CrMoAIA (JIS SACM645)
  • 42CrMo (JIS SCM440)
  • 9Cr18Mov Spray Coating
Heat Treatment

  • Nitriding Treatment
  • Electroplate Hard Chromium Coating
  • Spray Coating Hard Chromium Coating
  • Anticorrosion, wear Resistant Bimetallic Coating


More proportion calcium powder is used in the conical screw process in these days. Based on this fact, kaivanya factory machined the best configured screw according to the client’s requirement. So the best plasticization status and blending quality are achieved. New configured screw, which can be applicable to process PVC sheet, plate, piece, pellet, mould, high foaming are developed by kaivanya factory. Also anticorrosion and wear resistant materials are developed. Polymer materials can be shared and compressed more softly in the screw.

Parallel Twin-Screw And Barrel

Material Alloy Steel

  • 34CrMOAINi7
  • 41CrAIMo7
  • 9Cr18Mov

Spray Coating

Heat Treatment

  • Nitriding treatment
  • Electroplated Hard Chromium Coating
  • Spray Coating Hard Chromium Coating
  • Anticorrosion, Wear Resistant Bimetallic Coating