Twin Screw

Screws, Single and Twin [KAIVANYA EXTRUSION]

KAIVANYA EXTRUSION Engineering manufacture replacement screws, as well as recondition your existing screws, for injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion. KAIVANYA EXTRUSION Engineering is the largest and by far the oldest manufacturer of extrusion screws in India. Our designs cover all facets of the extrusion industry from thermoplastics to natural and synthetic rubber. We have a 13 year plus record in this industry from which we have built up significant data, soundly based on experience and results. Screw construction is hard faced, nitrided or hardened & nitrided, for highly abrasive materials we can supply screws with Tungsten carbide coatings on the flight flanks and core diameters, or in the case of highly corrosive polymers such as Fluoropolymer a Duranickle based screw is offered. Designs are available for single flight metering screws, single barrier screws, double barrier screws, variable pitch flights, multi start flights and slotted flights. Two stage screws for vented extruders are also offered. Mixing sections, the more common of which, include Maddock (spiral or straight), Hoechst, dulmage, pinned, pineapple or combinations of these designs are available. Our capacity ranges from 25mm up to 200mm depending on L/D ratio.