Feed Screw

Performance of Feed Screws

with standard diameters ranging from 25mm to 200mm (1” to 8”)
TSE Range of Products:

  • Single Screws
  • Twin Screws
  • Screw Tips

  • Bi-metallic Barrels
  • Bi-metallic Twin Barrels
  • Nitrided Barrels

  • Screw and Barrel Repairs
  • Tiebar and Toggle Repairs
  • Complete Machine Repairs

  • Single Screw

Performance. Productivity. Dependability

Do you require these features in your Screw? With over 70 years experience, only Kaivanya Extrusion Engineering has the resources, talent, imagination and advanced equipment to deliver them. We manufacture replacement screws, as well as recondition your existing screws, for injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion.

The Screw is the heart and soul of the machine determining its plasticising capabilities

Today’s standards for Extruder output and extrudate quality are so advanced that no longer can one screw design be optimum for all materials and extrusion products. Each screw must be tailor made to suit the application for which it will be used. We continuously liaise with resin suppliers and screw design modellers to keep us at the forefront of screw technology … far and ahead of our competition. We have established our name, which is synonymous with quality, as well as an invaluable database of reference material. Kaivanya Extrusion provides conventional screw design tailored to your output and quality requirements, covering the full range of thermoplastics from Vinyls to Elastomers. Kaivanya Extrusion provides the best screw for your product individually designed to obtain the proper balance between high output and quality homogeneous melts. The best screw may even be one of the Kaivanya Extrusion’s designed special application screws such as maddock mixing screws, 2-stage screws for vented barrels or even our barrier screws. Kaivanya Extrusion are consistently on the leading edge with High Performance Plastic Extrusion Screw Designs to maximize machine efficiency and product qual ity.


We manufacture screws for both thermoplastic and thermosets, standard metering design or QLT for improved melt homogeneity and mixing. These can be hard faced, nitrided or hardened and nitrided with optional hard chrome plating. Whether you are manufacturing containers for packaging, duct joints for air conditioning or automotive components, we have a screw design available to suit your process for LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC and more.