Bimetallic Screws

The Specification of Bimetallic Screw

Screw and barrels processed with bimetallic alloy hardface coating have many virtues, such as high hardness, stronger wear & corrosion resistance. Its general properties are three to fifteen times more compared to the nitriding steel. They are wildly used for highly abrasive & corrosive materials like engineering polymers and pvc compounds. The main machining methods are as follows: spot spray, spray coating, cover coating, mould, butt welding etc. The bimetallic process used in world as advanced technology for better life with consistent production and quality. It is the best choice for  production special screws.

Boron & Tungsten Carbide hardfacing protect screw against  Abrasion& Corrosion

Specialist in wear resistance products & solutions

Polymers can be used : Minerals, Glassfibers, Pigment, Carbon fibers

Abrasion Resistance Test Data

Coating Alloy KET(7631F) KET 800 K 705 K 183 CPM-9V(HIP-PM Tool Steel) KET 188 D2 Steel(1.2379) KET 163 Nitra Alloy(1.8550)
Chemical Composition 70% Wcpta Tungsten 88 WC/12Co Ni/Cr/Boron WC 50% Ni/Cr/Boron WC 35% Cr/V/Mo Co/Cr/W Fe/Cr Ni/Cr/Boron Fe/Al
Application Process Spirical Tungsten Wire (Mig Welding) Hvof Thermal Spray Welded Overlay Welded Overlay Powder Metallurgy Welded Overlay Wrought Steel Welded Overlay Wrought Steel
Average Hardness RC 68-70 68-71 65-70 65-70 52-56 67 55-58 63 68
Volume Loss mmᵌ 0.5 2.4 4.5 10 9.5 12 12 15 37