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Established in 1998 as a one-man operation, Kaivanya Extrusion Technik Pvt. Ltd. has become world renowned as screw and barrel specialists. We manufacture feed screws of the highest quality, and provide service and a product that is second to none. We service the plastics and rubber industries to processors and OEMs worldwide, countries such as: Entire Africa, Entire Gulf Countries, Asian Countries, European & American Countries etc…

Our Technical and Engineering Department offers more than 20 years of experience in the field of plastic machinery and screw design. We have developed our own line of screw designs which can be tailored to suit your application.

We stand behind the parts we produce and provide long term support for our products.

Success Through Teamwork

A generation of high precision screws, barrels and related components has emerged from the manufacturing facilities of Kaivanya Extrusion Technik Pvt. Ltd. We are proud to be a leader in a highly specialized industry. As a close knit team, we are committed to produce the highest quality products, worldwide.

Complete Production Facilities

Our comprehensive production facilities enable us to perform the entire manufacturing process in-house. Whether new or rebuilt, we utilize traditional methods to achieve the highest international standards.

  • Feed screw cutting machines over 6m (20 ft.) long x 20 cm (8 in.) diameter
  • Milling and turning
  • Welding of hard facings
  • Heat treatments (ion-nitriding, thru hardening)
  • Chrome plating max. length 6 m (20 ft.)
  • Deep hole boring/trepanning
  • Honing
  • 200 ton press

The Directors's Message

Established in 1998 as a one-man-operation, Kaivanya Extrusion Technik Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be the leading feed screw manufacturer in India.

We have the experience to supply the largest and most complex screws the industry may require. Hard work and innovation have earned us access to the international sector, to which we provide the highest quality.

We are constantly upgrading our equipment to keep abreast of the latest technology. Our technical staff is highly qualified and take pride in their personal contribution to the success of the company. Computer integrated CNC machining has become part of our operation, ultimately it is the individual craftsmanship that shapes the final product.

Uncompromising quality, cost efficiency and on time delivery will always be our top priorities. My personal assurance is part of this commitment – unchanged from the time I started the Company!

– Kiran V. Shah

Our Vision

Delivering best quality to our customers by implementing latest innovations in bimetallic technology and specialized screw designs solutions polymer to plolymer.

Our Mission

  • Customer friendly atmosphere
  • Honesty
  • Unwavering commitment to customer service.
  • Lowest Risk in Develoment Project
  • Marketing via quality
  • Developing via innovations

Our Services

  • We serve following service all over the world;
  • Screw design and mixer patented
  • Retrofitting projects
  • OEM replacement
  • Bimetallic hard facing coatings & Linings
  • Rebuilding & Refurbishing services with inspection
  • At sight drawing service
  • Erection and installation
  • Turnkey project for extrusion lines